Rindi Swan, Wedding Photographer Pretoria, South Africa

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Hello, thank you for your interest in my photography!

I am Rindi Swan.

I am fascinated by the beauty surrounding us. And feel chosen to gather special memories for exceptional people. Displaying it as art to those who have the same taste as I do.

Providing photographs beyond expectation while witnessing the joy this brings to my clients. That is what happiness is to me. 

I view light as paintbrushes out of Gods hands and will always direct my subject to follow the light. 

Mysterious destinations. Sharing intimate moments. And creating unforgettable memories is well worth smiling and waking up for. 

My style is light ,bright ,romantic and full of joy.  Read more about it here .

To work with me you need to love my work, be daring, vibrant and energetic.

Welcome to Rindi Swan were we create beauty and art together.


Experience my unique approach to visual storytelling.  See how my couples express their love and joy on their weddings while I document it.
Pricing Structure

  • Reliability & Trust
  • Talent & Skill
  • Remarkable Experiences
  • Your Artworks

This is the value of professional wedding photography by Rindi Swan.
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Your love story is worthy to be captured and celebrated.

It's the start of a beautiful adventure together!


My husband, assistant, graphic designer and videographer

Hi, I am Rindi's husband (Dewald), right hand man and assistant (sometimes second shooter) or  videographer  on your wedding day. 

Rindi refer to me as her superman, but apart from my glasses, there the similarities stop.

It is a real pleasure to see how my wifey for lifey  spill all her energy, personality and love into her passions. She loves  working with people and photographing them.

I am looking forward to experience your special moments of your first day together.

Rindi brings a special and effective approach to every assignment SHE work on, which is why HER clients love her!

Rindi Swan, Wedding Photographer Pretoria, South Africa